Robert Levinson

Robert Alan "Bob" Levinson (born March 10, 1948) is an American former Drug Enforcement Administration and Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who disappeared mysteriously in 2007 in Kish Island, Iran. He is believed to be currently held captive by the government of Iran. He disappeared on March 9, 2007, when visiting Iran's Kish Island while supposedly researching a cigarette smuggling case. U.S. officials believed Levinson had been arrested by Iranian intelligence officials to be interrogated and used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with Washington. But as every lead fizzled and Iran repeatedly denied any involvement in his disappearance, many in the U.S. government believed Levinson was probably dead. He was subsequently revealed to be alive. On December 12, 2013, the Associated Press reported that their investigations revealed that Levinson had been working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), contradicting the U.S.'s statement that he was not an employee of the government at the time of his capture. In an interview, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke of cooperation regarding Levinson's case. "We are willing to help, and all the intelligence services in the region can come together to gather information about him to find his whereabouts." John Miller of CBS described this statement as a "tacit admission that he's in their custody and that there have been talks". ... Read More


ROBERT A. LEVINSON - Federal Bureau of Investigation

ROBERT A. LEVINSON  Federal Bureau of Investigation

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